Parent Portal

My Child at School Parent Portal

Use MCAS to, for example:

  • access key information about your child's progress in school
  • report your child's absence
  • update your child's medical information
  • update your contact information
  • 'top up' your child's catering account
  • make payment for trips, clubs and resources

How to activate your MCAS Parent Account

Access the following link from a Windows or Mac device (we have seen a few issues with parents trying to register on mobile and tablet devices)

And enter the following details

School ID:- 12848

Username:- NAME1234

Invitation Code:- YOURCODE

(the above is an example name and code, please check your welcome email for your username and activation code)

Tick I am not a robot and hit Redeem Code

On the following screen please enter your email address twice and then enter a password of your choosing again twice. Do not choose save password at this point if prompted.

Once that has been completed, please visit our MCAS home page at

Enter your username (not your email address) and your new password. At this point you can choose save password if prompted.


If you have any problems or if you would like your welcome email or activation key reissued please email for further assistance.

NB:- New Y7 parents will not receive their Bromcom login until 2nd September