11+ Applications For Entry Into Year 7 (The 11+ Procedure)


If further Covid 19 measures prevent holding or, in the School governors’ opinion, make it undesirable to hold 11+ exam(s) on the dates shown below, parents who have already applied for the exam will be notified and revised test date(s) will be published here when known.

The examination for the Late Main Round will be at this School on 7 January 2021 with a further examination on 21 January 2021 for boys who were ill or Covid 19 isolating on 7 January 2021.

What is the purpose of the Eleven plus selection procedure?

The Eleven plus selection procedure is designed to determine whether or not children in the autumn term of their final year at primary school are suitable for admission to a grammar school.  Parents should note that meeting the academic requirements for entry to the School is not, in itself, a guarantee of an offer of a place.

How do I register my son for the Eleven Plus Test?

In order to register, the School's 11+ Application Form and the Local Authority Common or Secondary Application form (CAF or SAF) must both be completed. 

Registration for September 2022 Year 7 entry will open online on Monday 19 April 2021 at 10am. No registrations can be accepted before that time.

Does the Eleven Plus Procedure take account of a Special Educational Needs, an Educational Health Plan or other barriers to learning?

Yes.  See the Special Access Arrangements page.

What do I do if I wish to withdraw my son from the examination or he is unwell or isolating?

Please inform us as soon as possible at: admissions@bishopwordsworths.org.uk

Full details are in the 11+ Information Leaflet here which also contains:

  • The arrangements for the exam

  • What the exam involves

  • How the exam scores are calculated

  • Whether there will be enough space for all boys who pass

  • How to apply for a place if a boy passes the exam

  • How the Local Authority allocates places

Does it matter where we live?

For practical reasons we recommend that a pupil’s journey time should be under an hour in order that he can fully participate in the wider life of the school.

The 11+ Timetable for entrance to year 7 in September 2021

Thursday 7th January 2021

Late Main Round 11+ Test Day

Thursday 21st January 2021

Follow-up test for those that were unwell or self-isolating on the late main round test date (medical evidence will be required)

Monday 1st March 2021

National day for posting offers of places at secondary schools from LA

The 11+ Timetable for entrance to year 7 in September 2022

Tuesday 20th April 2021

Applications for September 2022 entry open at 10:00.
11+ test date to be confirmed.

11+ Entry Information Leaflet