Bishop Wordsworth’s School

Exeter Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 2ED

Phone: 01722 333851


Absences: Please email to report an absence, in order for it to be authorised. If you are unable to email, please call the school and leave a message on the absence telephone line: 01722 333851 - option 1

All visitors must report to Reception on arrival. Please enter the school using the Exeter Street entrance. If visitors have an appointment with a member of staff they will be issued with a visitor’s badge to identify them as bona fide guests. They will be guided to their appointment destination or their staff contact will be telephoned to advise of their visitor’s arrival. Parking is generally not permitted on the school site.

All visitors have to check out at Reception following their appointment. At this point they must return their visitor’s badge to the duty Receptionist and exit the school via Exeter Street.

No parent or visitor is permitted to enter any school buildings including the Sports Hall without permission, for any reason.

Reception is staffed from 8.30 am to 4.15 pm daily.

These rules are in place to protect students and staff; they also benefit visitors and are an important part of both child protection and health and safety, in the event of a fire.