Years 7-9 Schemes of Work

Year 7

  Theory Practical Listening
Autumn Pitch and rhythm notation in the treble clef

Learning how instruments work

The Orchestra

Working in groups to learn tunes

Singing: Canons, When I’m 64

Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra

Peter and the Wolf

Spring Clapping rhythms

Types of Scale

Structure in music

Contrast in music

Pentatonic compositions in ABA form Pieces with ABA structures

Pictures at an Exhibition

Summer More notation and rhythm, instrument recognition

Describing things in music

Programme pieces: Moods and Titles Carnival of the Animals. (Saint Saens)

Mars (Planets)

Dance of the Knights (Prokofiev)


Year 8

   Theory Practical  Listening 
Autumn  Playing the Keyboard

Improvising (Scales)

Learning tunes on the keyboard Lieutenant Kije

Various Concertos covering Baroque to Modern

Spring  Learning to use Sibelius Write a fanfare

Film Music


Film Music examples

German Baroque


Summer  The scales and structure of INDIAN MUSIC


Writing an Indian piece  

Indian music examples


Year 9

  Theory Practical Listening
Autumn The structure of the 12 bar blues


Fitting Lyrics to music

Music structures

Cover version of HOUND DOG

Minimalist Composing

Hound Dog and other 12 bar Blues examples

Bohemian Rhapsody


Spring Triads to melody

Ground Basses

Musical structures

Begin GROUND BASS compositions Seventies Music

Bohemian Rhapsody

Summer Song structure

Chord progressions

Finish Ground Bass Compositions

Write a pop song

Movements from West Side Story