Purposeful Adventure

All opportunities, both fundamental and optional, provide a setting in which pupils will be encouraged and expected to adopt behaviours that will help them lead fruitful lives that positively address the physical, social and mental elements of holistic well-being. Each student should also develop their self-reliance and organisation, in order that they might effectively transfer their adventure based skill-set to the classroom and wider learning within the BWS community.

Adventurous traits

Being adventurous implies a willingness to accept risks, therefore accepting a challenge and being prepared both to fail and to learn from misadventure. The adoption of this mind-set is one which the programme at BWS aims to encourage and share in promoting the following behaviours and characteristics;

  • Show resilience and humour in the face of adversity
  • Treat the environment, cultures and people with whom you operate with respect
  • To recognise, address and manage risks
  • Work with humility and be able to admit and correct our mistakes
  • Develop empathy and the necessary attitude to work effectively in teams
  • To build a solid, long lasting base of practical skills and apply them creatively in order to solve problems
  • To understand and provide effective Leadership and Followership as the environment demands
  • Utilise the adventurous skill set in order to approach every aspect of life with a ‘can-do’ attitude and proper confidence
  • To enjoy our experiences and mindful that others have the same opportunity