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We have made a bank of resources below of links to activities that can be done at home and with minimal equipment or people. We will keep updating as we find more and we will add to our twitter feeds as well. Enjoy.

Summer 2022

Exercises for hard ground:
A variety of exercises to strengthen knees and ankles while playing sports on hard ground


Youth Sport Trust:
A variety of free to access resources for parents to use.

Youth Sports Trust:
Youth Sports After School Club

Article listing the best fitness apps:

The Body Coach - Kids workouts:
The Body Coach goes live on Monday 23rd from 9am with free PE sessions Monday-Friday.

NHS Active 10 App:
Free app to encourage you to get out for a walk.

Sport England:
Tips on how to keep active, including Couch to 5k.



Individual ball manipulation techniques you can do on your own

F2 Freestylers:
Football trickshots

FA Learning:
Large online FA video session library. Also includes interviews and online learning courses.


Rugby Bricks:
Multiple passing and kicking drills and work ons, website and Instagram

Rugby at DAS:
Simple skills challenges to be done at home

Ben John:
Rugby handling skills

St Georges Boys PE:
Simple skills challenges to be done at home

Rugby Learning via World Rugby/RFU

Rugby Ready:

Conditioning for Rugby:

Rugby Laws:

RFU Concussion:

Anti Doping:

Principles of Scrummaging:

High Intensity Interval Training/Circuits

12 Minute Athlete:
Short effective workouts with minimal equipment.

School of Calisthenics:
FREE trial – some cool body weight exercises.


Yoga with Adriene:
A variety of yoga sessions from 10 to 30 minutes.

A variety of yoga sessions and resources

Downloadable resources

Hard ground - Ankle and Knee Stability Exercises
Circuits - Bodyweight Circuit Exercises
Circuits - Exercise Cards
Circuits - How to build a circuit
Rowing - Workouts
Training - Full Body Flexibility Program
Training - Middle Distance Running (Aerobic)
Training - Running (Sprint) Drills
Training - Speed and Agility
Training - Speed Endurance and HIIT
Wellbeing - Better Sleep
Wellbeing - British Council Food Diary Template
Wellbeing - Drink More Water
Wellbeing - Eat well guide
Wellbeing - HandEye Co-ordination ideas
Wellbeing - Meditation
Wellbeing - Mind Games
Wellbeing - Poor Sleep Consequences
Wellbeing - Rainy Day ideas
Wellbeing - Routine
Wellbeing - Self Care
Wellbeing - Simple Meditation
Wellbeing - Stay Mentally Healthy
Wellbeing - Vary your activities
Wellbeing - Weblinks to extended reading
Yoga - Beginner Routine
Yoga - Everyday Yoga Poses
Yoga - Full Body Routine
Yoga - Poses for Flexibility
Yoga - Restorative Routine
Yoga - Routine for Flexibility
Yoga - Routine for Strong Arms
Yoga - Routine for Tight Hamstrings
Yoga - Routine for Tight Quads
Yoga - Stress-relief routine
Yoga - Sun Salutation Routine
PE At Home for KS2 & KS3