Coronavirus Information

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Risk Assessment - 8th March 2021 Opening

Note that this Risk Assessment applies across the whole school site, including Britford Lane. Relevant DfE guidance can be found at:

Important Face Mask Guidance Update from Monday 28th June 2021

Following a review of the risk assessment, in light of the increased number of positive Covid cases in the local area, we have updated the guidance regarding wearing of face masks. From Monday 28 June, we will be returning to the use of face masks in lessons, as well as in enclosed circulation areas and whilst queuing, where social distancing is difficult to maintain.

Students are advised to bring in their own headphones from Monday to mitigate risk of transmission

Full details can be found in the letter linked above

Remote Education Provision - Information for Parents and Carers

Last updated - 20:30 Monday 22nd February

This information is intended to provide clarity and transparency to pupils and parents or carers about what to expect from remote education where national or local restrictions require entire cohorts (or bubbles) to remain at home.

Use of face coverings on school transport - Updated

12:00 Friday 14th May - Wiltshire Council letter to parents added to bottom of this page

Please see the following advice updated by Wiltshire County Council

Following the announcement by the Government that the next step of the Roadmap out of Lockdown will take place on 17th May I thought it would be helpful to explain how school transport is affected by the changes.

Dedicated School Transport will continue to run as it does now. There are no changes to routes and timetables. Passengers will still need to wear a face covering whilst on board. I would appreciate your assistance in spreading this message, please, as with face coverings no longer being needed in classrooms I would understand it if children and young people felt that the transport rules were similarly relaxed. This isn’t the case. Buses and coaches continue to be Covid-safe places to be, as long as the current mitigations remain in place.

Public Buses are now nearly all back running to their normal timetables, with additional capacity being provided where it has been found necessary. Pupils should continue to travel as they do now, whether that is on the main bus, or one of the additional “school pupils only” vehicles. As with dedicated school transport, face coverings must still be worn on public buses and on any additional vehicles provided to supplement the service. Again, I would appreciate your assistance in spreading this message.

Please click below for a full copy of the letter issued to all schools and parents

BWS Remote Learning System Status

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An acceptable user guide for Microsoft Teams has been published for all students to read, a copy is available here

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