As a school, we provide education to all our pupils at each key stage on equality, diversity and acceptance. This takes place in PSHE lessons, assemblies, via external speakers, our student-led equality committee, student councils and other forums. 

If you are worried about any issues relating to bullying and discrimination, please do contact the school directly – you can speak to or email your child’s Head of School.

In school, in addition to tutors, mentors and teachers, there are a good number of adults any students can speak to, including: Pastoral support officers (Mrs Bazire-Smith for Lower School, Mrs Jacobs for Middle School and Mrs Stoneham for Sixth Form); our chaplain, Reverend Dr Cannon Wood; Miss Grayer and Mrs Paden in the Learning Support Office; our senior tutor Mr Higson; any member of the safeguarding team (identified by yellow lanyards); any of our senior prefects (identified by silver ties).

You can also contact the following organisations for guidance and further information: