Special Access Arrangements

If a pupil has a current statement of educational needs (SEN), an Education Health Care Plan, speaks English as a Second Language or faces any other barrier to learning, whether medical or educational (eg. Specific learning difficulties), or parents believe his circumstances may affect his performance in the entrance exam, they can request that special consideration be given to him. 

Parents must download the relevant Special Access Arrangements form on the bottom of this page (or from the contact there shown if a paper form is required) and send it with written supporting evidence to Admissions at least 10 school days before the exam or, for the Sixth Form, with the Sixth Form application.  The evidence must be less than two years old on the date of the exam. 

The School will then consult with appropriate medical or educational professionals (such as the boy’s Headteacher, SENCo and the LA Educational Psychologist). 

Parents will be advised of the outcome of that consultation in writing prior to the date of the exam itself and informed as to whether special measures will be allowed.

In making such requests, parents implicitly consent to the School conducting this consultation process. 

If a boy’s poor performance in the exam is directly attributed to his special circumstances but the School has not been informed prior to the exam, his circumstances will NOT be taken into account retrospectively.  Whatever the precise nature of the boy’s specific medical or educational needs, parents should always seek guidance from the School as early as possible.

For further information regarding Special Access Arrangements for years 7-11, contact:

Mrs Ruth Cliffe
Admissions Officer
Bishop Wordsworth’s School
Exeter Street
E-mail: admissions@bishopwordsworths.org.uk

For further information regarding Special Access Applications for entry into the Sixth Form please see here.

Special Access Form - 11+ Exam
Special Access Form - Post 11+ Entry Exam