The School will act to ensure as far as is reasonable that pupils with SEN and medical conditions share the same entitlement of educational opportunities as others so that they can achieve their best, become confident individuals living fulfilling lives and make a successful transition into adulthood, whether into employment, further or higher education or training.

The School will aim to identify and assess any SEN and medical conditions as early as possible and take appropriate and reasonable action for support so that pupils with SEN and medical conditions can engage in the activities of the school alongside other pupils as far as is reasonable and practical.

In dealing with assessment and provision, the School will work in close partnership with parents, with the pupils themselves and also, when applicable, with the Local Authority and other relevant agencies.

The full details of the school’s Special Educational Needs and Medical Conditions Policy can be found here and the Wiltshire Council Local Offer can be found here

Details of Provision

The engagement of the pupil and parents at all stages of this process is fundamental to its success. Where the local authority is responsible for looked after children with SEN&D, they will be fully engaged in ensuring the pupil is included in any decisions concerning provision for their needs at the school.

Those pupils with SEN&D undertaking the Entrance Examination are provided with an appropriate environment in which to take the test papers. If they pass the examination and are offered a place at the school, transition arrangements are put in place to aid the move from their current school. These requirements are tailored to the individual needs of the pupils.

Where a pupil’s needs arise or change during their time at school, and these needs may require additional support, the teacher will initiate a programme of intervention. After this intervention, if required, the information will be passed to the Learning Support Coordinator so that further assessment can be triggered. A programme of appropriate support will be implemented to meet their needs, if required, to allow access to the curriculum.

Teachers are provided with details of the pupils needs and provision is put in place to ensure they are able to access the curriculum and progress with their learning. In addition to the school’s standard assessment and reporting procedures the appropriate Head of School will, in conjunction with the Learning Support Coordinator, provide any necessary additional support in order to ensure progress and attainment are at expected levels, including the transition to further or higher education or training.

Steph Paden
SENCo with responsibility for SEN&D
PG Cert from Bath Spa University in Vulnerable Learners and Inclusion: National Award for Special Educational Needs Coordination (SENCo)

Steph Paden is the initial point of contact for SEN&D enquiries at or 01722 333851


Concerns over the provision can be pursued under the Schools Complaints Procedure, which can be found here

SEND Report 2022-23