Sixth Form Confirmation of Place Procedure

GCSE Exam Results Day - 22nd August 2024

Please find below details of how to accept or decline your place at BWS Sixth Form on GCSE Results Day (22nd August 2024), and how to request to study a fourth A-Level.

1. Letting us know if you want to do a fourth A-Level (prior to results day)

Students who receive a grade average of 7.5 points or above may choose to do a fourth A-Level instead of EPQ, core maths or music AS. If you wish to do a fourth A-Level, please fill in this form prior to results day to specify your choice of subject:

If you do not wish to take a fourth A-Level, you do not need to complete this form – most students do not take four A-levels due to the increased workload and commitment that is required. Please think carefully before you choose this option.

2. Collecting your results (on results day)

Students not currently attending BWS should refer to their school for details on how to collect their GCSE results.

For BWS students. Examination results will be available via BromCom VLE ( account from 8.00am on Thursday 22nd August. Please check you can access your Bromcom account in advance of results day - no results will be given out by telephone or e-mail. Details of the review of marking process has been issued to students and parents via email.

3. Confirming your place (by 2pm on results day)

When you have your results, you will need to log into your application account and accept your place. Once you have logged in, please follow these steps:

  1. Check your application details and update anything that is incorrect (e.g. telephone numbers). Scroll down if necessary and save each page as you go.
  2. On the examination details page, you will need to update the predicted grades to your achieved grades, select “achieved”, and enter the date you took the exam (via the drop down box). Press submit.
  3. You will need to upload a copy of your exam results. This can be a screenshot, photo or scan, and you can upload multiple files. The results data you submit will need to include your name, UCI and candidate number on each document.

Please note: We can only guarantee places at Sixth Form for students who hold a conditional offer, meet the grade requirements for the school and their subjects AND who confirm their place by 2pm on 22nd August 2024.

Once you have submitted your results, you will receive an email acknowledging this. Your results and your course selection will be checked and we will send you an email confirming your place at BWS Sixth Form by 5pm on results day. If you have any problems with this submission, you can bring evidence of your results into school (see details below).

4. Declining your place (as soon as possible on results day)

If you wish to decline your place at BWS Sixth Form, please let us know by filling in this form here – it will only take a minute and means we can offer places to other students who may be waiting.

5. Coming in to school

BWS Sixth Form will be open from 9am to 2pm on GCSE results day, and by appointment only after 2pm (appointments can be made by emailing If you have any problems or queries, or are confused about your A-Level choices, please come in via the Exeter Street entrance and speak to a member of our team. GCSE results day is very busy so you may need to wait for an available member of staff.

What to do if…

  • You wish to change subjects: Students who wish to change subjects should upload their results and confirm their place as above, and then come into school so that we can make the appropriate changes.
  • You have a 7.5 average points score and want to take a fourth A-Level: Please confirm which subject you would like to do in advance of results day using this form – you don’t need to do anything else, we will timetable you into that subject on results day once you have submitted confirmation of your grades. Places will be allocated after 3pm on results day so we cannot give final confirmation until then.
  • Form to request a fourth A-Level:
  • You are on a waiting list for an oversubscribed subject: We will allocate spare places after 3pm on results day. This is done in strict order of your position on the waiting list, and we will confirm if you have a place on your chosen subject as soon as we can.
  • You no longer wish to accept your place at BWS: Please use this form to let us know you no longer want us to hold a place for you -
  • You are confused about your A-Level choices: If you are accepting a place at BWS Sixth Form, you can come into school and see Mrs Armstrong for guidance. An appointment is not necessary. If you are not coming to BWS (declined the place or not met the required grades), please contact the careers adviser at your current school.
  • You have not achieved the required grades for BWS: Unfortunately, we are oversubscribed this year. It is unlikely we will be able to take any students without the required grades. If you need support deciding what to do next, please contact the careers adviser at your current school (for BWS students, this is Mrs Armstrong who will be available from 8.30am-2pm on Results Day).
  • You cannot get into school to make the appropriate changes to your courses: Please let us know in advance if you are aware this might happen. Otherwise, please email, we will deal with your email as soon as we can.

I hope this helps you prepare, good luck on the 24th, and we look forward to seeing you on results day, or in September.