Links and Pathways

Curriculum links

Alongside a predominantly optional activity list the BWS programme does extend to the Physical Education curriculum with the inclusion of Orienteering for Key Stage 3. The school utilises its unique position within the Cathedral close to operate various routes and control types in order to apply some of the fundamentals of the Adventure programme including navigation, timekeeping and team based problem solving.

Potential Pathways and associated skill sets upon leaving

Ultimately there are a number of different pathways to be found over a given period of time here at Bishop Wordsworth’s but the objectives remain true throughout and regardless of how many activities each student might decide to engage with there does exist a core skill set which they will have the opportunity to take away.

The Pathways below give some idea of this and the table that follows begins to lay out some of the detail in relation to a pathway towards self-sufficiency within an adventurous environment.

Path A

Team Building Great Yews          

Path B

Team Building Great Yews Bronze DofE Pencelli (Summer) Ski Trip    

Path C

Team Building Great Yews Survival Bronze DofE Pencelli (Winter) Ten Tors x 2 Gold DofE