Religious Studies

Head of Department: Mrs B Kaur-Shahi

Religious Studies Teacher: Mr J Browning

Religious Studies Teacher: Rev S Wood

Religious Studies Teacher: Mr T Valjak

Religious Studies Teacher: Mr B Denham

KS3 Curriculum Overview

Year 7

Year 7 pupils begin by exploring what it means to be human and how humans express identity and spirituality. They look at different expressions of Christianity and produce an extended piece of work based on Salisbury Cathedral. The next unit of work asks the question ‘what is truth?’ and considers interpretation of religious texts. Finally pupils will explore beliefs and practices within Hinduism.

Year 8

Year 8 pupils research different theories relating to morality and in particular study ethical teachings from Buddhism / Christianity and apply them to moral dilemmas facing people today. The next unit of work explore the relationship between religion and science in the context of the origins of the universe. 
Finally pupils will explore beliefs and practices within Islam.

Year 9

In the first term, year 9 pupils study the Jewish faith, particularly focusing on practice and identity. This will lead on to a philosophical examination of arguments for the existence of God and responses to the problem of evil. 
From the second term, pupils will begin the Religious Studies GCSE full course (WJEC Eduqas: Route A5: component 3 option 5) which will firstly include a study of Christianity and Sikhism. They will then study ethical themes, which will continue through until the end of year 11.

KS4 Curriculum Overview

Year 10 and 11

All pupils in year 10 and 11 are studying for a full course in Religious Studies (WJEC Eduqas: Route A5: component 3 option 5) with the examination at the end of year 11. 
The content of the course includes:

  • Component 1: Religious, Philosophical and Ethical studies in the Modern World (50%) 2 hour exam 
    Theme 1: Issues of Relationships 
    Theme 2: Issues of Life and Death 
    Theme 3: Issues of Good and Evil 
    Theme 4: Issues of Human Rights
  • Component 2: Study of Christianity (25%) 1 hour exam 
    Beliefs, teachings and practices of Christianity
  • Component 3: Study of Sikhism (25%) 1 hour exam 
    Beliefs, teachings and practices of Sikhism

Year 11 Revision Resources and Guides

At BWS we study the Eduqas, Route A, Full Course GCSE :-

Exam Board Key documents including past papers can be found here:-

The full GCSE course comprises, Christianity, beliefs and practices, Sikhism, beliefs and practices, and then 4 Philosophical and Ethical Themes. Various revision booklets and Guides can be found on the Eduqas website as well as other useful revision aids as outlined below and attached at the foot of this page :-

  • Christianity Beliefs and Practices: Refer to the course Textbook too, which in Files on your Class Teams Channel. 
  • Sikhism Beliefs and Practices Revision Guide:
  • Philosophical and Ethical Themes (4 themes)

Extra Curriculum Activities

In year 7 pupils explored the religious symbolism of Salisbury Cathedral and offered their response to this magnificent building on our doorstep. This culminated in the production of their first RS Enquiry project.

In year 8, boys conducted an environmental audit of the School to develop their understanding of the issues at different levels in society. This then informed their study of a variety of religious responses to care of the environment.

In year 9 boys studied the events of the Holocaust and the timing of this leads up to the Holocaust Memorial Day, this enhanced their understanding and awareness when faced with events and discussion on various forms of media.

We are also most grateful to a number of volunteers who gave up their time to speak to our Year 11 boys at our annual Multi-Faith Day. This was an amazing opportunity for our boys to hear from lay members of different faith communities about their faith and what it means to them. It is always impressive how much the boys take away from the opportunity to engage in a question and answer session with the speakers.

Every year, year 10 boys visit Nanakar Gurdwara (Sikh places of worship) in Southampton, in support of their GCSE course. They get an opportunity to observe what they have learnt first-hand. After a tour and observation of worship they were welcomed to partake of a vegetarian meal (langer) as is the custom, this was followed by participating in the act of sewa (selfless service) by cleaning and washing dishes in the kitchen.

The Philosophy and Ethics group once again went to a national conference led by Peter and Charlotte Vardy. This is always a valuable experience for both year 12 and 13. It enables Year 13 to consolidate their learning in preparation for final exams too.

Christian beliefs & teachings Paper2
Christian practices
Christianity revision booklet
Theme 1 - Relationships task books
Theme 2 - Life and death task book
Theme 3 - Good and evil task book
Theme 4 - Human Rights task book