Teacher Assessed Grades 2021

Information regarding the assessment and appeals process for the Teacher Assessed Grades 2021 can be found in the appropriate sections below.

Assessment & Appeals Information for Parents

Items 1-4 are the documents provided by the school that outline the assessment process.

Items 5a-5b are the letters issued by the school outlining the results and appeals process

Items 6-7 are the documents provided by JCQ and OFQUAL for the post results appeals process

Item 8 is the Summer 2021 Grading Timeline for GCSEs, AS, A Level and VTQ qualifications issued by JCQ


1. BWS Centre Policy
2. Assessing GCSE Grades
3. Assessing Grades for Y12 AS F Maths & C Maths
3a. Year12 Further Maths AS Assessment Topics
3b. Year 12 Core Maths Assessment Revision List
4. Assessing A Level Grades
5a. A Level Results & Appeals Process Letter
5b. GCSE Level Results & Appeals Process Letter
6. JCQ Appeals Form
7. OFQUAL Student Guide to awarding Summer 2021
8. JCQ Summer 2021 Exams Timeline