Public Speaking Competition

On Tuesday 14th January, a public speaking completion was held at Bishops. The competition was run by the English-Speaking Union (ESU) and involved teams from South Wilts, Bishop Wordsworth and Poole Grammar. Students from years 10 and 11 took part.

After starting at 17:00, each of the six teams were made up of a speaker, questioner and chairperson. Modern topics, chosen by each speaker, were discussed, with the questioner and audience asking some excellent questions to further the speakers’ points. The chairpersons introduced the teams, summarised the questions and speeches and made sure that the presentations ran on time.

To watch ESU competitions and attend their events, you must be a member of the ESU itself, which comes with a fee, however one member, who watch the recent competition, said that “Being a member of the ESU is truly delightful: I learn so much about modern societal issues by listening to the influential and enthusiastic young people who take part”.

The winners of the competition, South Wilts Team 1, will now go through to the regional competition. The runners-up, Bishops Team 1, may also go through.

The ESU is grateful towards Bishops (for hosting the competition and for providing refreshment), all those who took part, the parents and ESU members who came to watch and ask questions and to Miss White, an English teacher at Bishops, who organised the evening.