Large Fundraising Effort at Bishops

BEFORE Christmas break, the Bishop Wordsworth’s School community got together in order to raise money for Ed UK Aid. This charity’s aim is to help every child get an education; in particular, they help disabled children to get the same opportunities as everyone else. They work in a rural area of Tanzania in the East of Africa. Many teacher’s salaries are funded by them, enabling more students to be taught. Additionally, they help with food and other areas enabling these children to study.

In the last week of term in December, Bishops put together a huge fundraising effort for this wonderful charity. This involved a non-school uniform day where everyone donated a pound but also a donation tin in each class. The very generous students and teachers put together a fantastic £1,336. Over the next year, this money will be used to support 11 disabled children to go to school and pay a teacher’s salary for a year.