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Three BWS Year 10 Students (Toby R, Joe P and Robert G) are working as ‘School Correspondents’ for the Salisbury Journal, writing at least one article per week about events taking place around the school.  While not all articles are published in the local paper as several schools are vying weekly for the one published slot, this blog showcases their hard work through-out the school year as well as giving a flavour of events taking place at BWS.


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Trip To The Globe Theatre

YEAR 10 English students have recently been on a trip to The Globe Theatre in London for a production of Macbeth. They went as it is one of the plays they are studying for their English Literature GCSE. The trip, on Thursday the 5th March, entailed a long coach journey to London at the beginning of the day. Due to lots of rain, they ended up spending an hour in the Tate Modern before watching the play. Performed by 'Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank', the play was hosted in a modern recreation of the original theatre Shakespeare’s works were performed in. This gave the students a better idea of how it can be adapted for theatre with modern interpretations additionally. It also helped them with a deeper understanding of the play.

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Public Speaking Competition

On Tuesday 14th January, a public speaking completion was held at Bishops. The competition was run by the English-Speaking Union (ESU) and involved teams from South Wilts, Bishop Wordsworth and Poole Grammar. Students from years 10 and 11 took part.

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Large Fundraising Effort at Bishops

BEFORE Christmas break, the Bishop Wordsworth’s School community got together in order to raise money for Ed UK Aid. This charity’s aim is to help every child get an education; in particular, they help disabled children to get the same opportunities as everyone else. They work in a rural area of Tanzania in the East of Africa. Many teacher’s salaries are funded by them, enabling more students to be taught. Additionally, they help with food and other areas enabling these children to study.

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Engineering Scholarships in Bishops

OVER the last year, no fewer than seven Bishops students have been awarded the prestigious Arkwright scholarship. Excitingly, this is the highest number of Bishops students to be given this opportunity in any one year.

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FEJ Swim

BWS Geography teacher Mrs Jones swims Serpentine for Epilepsy Action

RECENTLY, Fiona Jones, a geography teacher, from Bishop Wordsworth's School swum the Serpentine to raise money for the charity Epilepsy Action.  This event held on the 21st of September, in the Serpentine, which is in the centre of London, in Hyde Park. It involved swimming across the lake which is a great challenge. She put in lots of training, practicing swimming in the leisure centre in Salisbury. She also joined the organisation NOWCA which enabled her to practice swimming on a lake near Ringwood, Ellingham Lake.

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Shakespeare performance preparation underway

PREPARATIONS for the Bishop Wordsworth School Play 2019 have begun. About 20 students from years 11 to 13 at Bishops are involved in the production of William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play. The students, who are taking roles as actors, technicians and directors or producers have been joined by a number of the female sixth form colleagues from South Wilts Grammar School.

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Dr Wothers visits BWS to deliver BAYS talk

DR PETER WOTHERS visited to talk to all the GCSE and A-level chemistry students at Bishops. The talk consisted of a discussion centred on the first periodic tables, an explanation of the modern-day periodic table and the correlation between groups, periods, valencies and properties. His talk included a number of demonstrations looking at the mass of gold along with some of the interesting and unique properties of diamond.

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