Start of Summer Term 2020

Monday was the start of the new term for all schools, Bishop’s included. The announcement from HM Government that the lockdown continues means that we will switch back into remote learning. Hopefully you will have seen your son get back into a routine of work and learning once more, and if he hasn’t yet then a little gentle encouragement should do the trick!

What can you expect over the next three weeks? Your son’s teachers should continue to set work for his lessons, either as stand-alone exercises or longer term project work; the format will depend upon the subject concerned, and you may find that there are links to other media or resources included as part of the tasks set. Work set on Insight will have deadlines affixed. Work can be submitted as evidence and regular feedback will then follow, again depending upon the nature of the tasks set. You may also find that some of your son’s teachers start to use Microsoft Teams, a more flexible learning package. Though the look of the computer display will be different to Insight, the aims remain the same – to ensure that there is some continuity of learning during this period of stasis. If anything seems unclear then please contact your son’s teacher.

There will be other types of contact from school too. Form tutors of boys in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 will make periodic contact with their charges through either Insight or email so as to keep in touch with how the boys are doing, and as parents you should always feel that you are able to contact either the tutor (in the first instance) or the relevant Pastoral Office if you either are unsure about some aspect of school arrangements, or there is a change in circumstances that we need to be aware of. If your son is in the Sixth Form he should be receiving a weekly update from Ms Lambard to alert him to various aspects of learning, HE related materials and also advice on health and welfare, and his mentor will be in contact periodically too. If, on the other hand your boy is in Year 11 then he will also shortly be starting to receive regular communications via the Sixth Form Office; for most this will form a part of the induction process for Year 12.

You will no doubt have seen some other communication, for example from the PE Department encouraging your son to maintain his physical health, from Mrs Armstrong on Careers Education and from our pastoral and SEN Departments who are ensuring that mental and personal health remain firmly on the radar. There may well be others – the aim being to try to replicate the support and challenge that we would normally offer in school, albeit at a distance and through cyberspace. If you feel that there is a gap in our provision then please do let us know…

Please do keep abreast of what is still going on via the website and twitter. School is still there, stuff still happens, people interact and we are stronger together. As Captain Tom Moore says, this current phase will pass and tomorrow will be a good day. I can’t wait.

With my very best wishes

Dr Smallwood

Head Master