Delaying the inevitable…

Sadly the subject of this week’ s short blog is the viral epidemic that is now increasingly impacting life for everyone both outside and inside school. So far we have no known cases of Covid-19, though we do have a number of boys who are in precautionary self-isolation due to a variety of different domestic circumstances. Together both school and parents are taking an appropriately cautious line, while here at BWS we continue to follow the official guidance very closely. I do understand the difficulty for families who are worried about vulnerable members outside school; we will be sympathetic to absences for boys for this reason as we move into the delay phase of the national response.

There have been some significant effects already. Several major overseas trips will not now go and many other events such as fixtures, performances, conferences etc have been either postponed or cancelled. We will try to get information out to parents as quickly as possible by as many routes as we can as circumstances change, so parents please do check the website, twitter and your email inbox daily to ensure that you are in the picture. HM Government advice is currently being updated on a daily basis, but the basic tenet concerning hygiene will not change of course. Other future questions regarding possible closure and examinations for example have no answers as yet, and we will update you as soon as we have news.