Acceptable Use of Teams

Lots students are now using Teams to attend live lessons and look at your assignments. If you haven’t started using MS Teams yet, it is really important that you get logged onto Office 365 and start exploring the app. If you get stuck, please read the BWS Pupil Home Learning Guide to Teams document at the bottom of this page. If you are having trouble accessing Teams, please contact IT Support at

  1. Your teachers are transitioning from Insight to MS Teams. A lot of staff have already transitioned and are using Teams to run live lessons and set school work. All your teachers should have fully transitioned to Teams by the end of June. We hope that most staff will use Teams to run online lessons. This might be a ‘full’ lesson or a ‘surgery’ for trouble shooting.
  2. Unfortunately, we will not be able to link your MS Teams account to your Outlook (email) account and calendar this term. Doing this now would cause significant and lengthy disruption to all school IT services and accounts. This process will be carried out in early August when the school is a quieter place.
  3. We will not be able to give your parents/guardians a ‘parental view’ of MS Teams. This feature is not available yet. Microsoft know about the problem and are looking for a solution. A ‘parental view’ of MS Teams is unlikely to materialise this term. For the time being, your parents will need to use your student login to access Teams and see what work you have been set.
  4. Your teachers will always schedule your lessons at the ‘normal’ timetabled time. This will ensure that your lessons do not clash.
  5. Your teachers will always tell you when the next MS Teams lesson is. They will do this using Teams. When your teachers schedule a lesson, you will notice a blue bar appear in the subject’s channel. If you are unsure when the next lesson is, then check the subject channel. A quick check every morning is a good idea. For example, if you have Maths, English, Geography, and Science on Monday, then do a quick check on these channels on Monday morning to see when the lessons are scheduled.