11+ Familiarisation Classes

Following the classes offered here at Bishop Wordsworth’s School over the last seven academic years and the very positive feedback received from parents, we will be offering further 11+ Familiarisation courses in the forthcoming academic year.

Our 11+ familiarisation courses are open to boys and girls in Year 5 as at 1 September of the current school year. The classes aim to strengthen pupils' study skills in Maths and English and also to give them the opportunity to gain some basic familiarity with the format of the respective 11+ questions.

The classes are open to boys and girls whether they intend to take the 11+ or not. Our aim is to offer an alternative, cheaper and better quality option to the private tutors that are available elsewhere, with the added bonus that children will work on generic study skills that should benefit their Key Stage 2 core subjects too.

Courses run for 6 weeks, with the first course beginning in October, the second in January, the third in May, all taking place on a Wednesday between 4.00 - 5.30 pm. Children will be in small classes and they will be taught by subject specialists.

Please note that the course due to start on 6 May 2020 has been cancelled. Please see the information on our Admissions & 11 Plus FAQs page about preparing your son for the 11+ test at Bishop Wordsworth's School. Please note that other schools use different tests and you should refer to the relevant school for further information.

Courses for the next school year will be published here as soon as details are available.

There will be a non-refundable charge for enrolment of £10 and the charge for each session is £15, the total cost of the course will be £100.00; but there will be either subsidised or free places for children whose parents are either in receipt of state benefits or who are in reduced circumstances.

For further details please contact: Mrs C Saunders Email: ces@bws.wilts.sch.uk or Telephone: 01722 333851