Welcome to A-Level Geology! Let me first take an opportunity to introduce myself, I’m Mr Thorne the Head of Geology and with Dr Smallwood, we will be teaching you the Geology course in September. Should you have any questions about the transition work, equipment, reading, or just have some excellent geological ideas you’d like to discuss feel free to email me at

With Geology being a completely new subject for you setting some transition work can be challenging as some of you might quite familiar with some geological ideas and others might not know their basalt from their sandstone! The idea of these transition tasks is to introduce you to what geology really is moving beyond the idea that it’s just “all about rocks”, although of course we do talk about plenty of those. Please download the transition tasks from the link below. 

When we start the next school year we will use some of the first lessons back to consolidate the work and information you have gained during these exercises so please keep this work safe ready for submission.

Geology Transition Work