A-Level Physics Transition Work

(Last updated 18th June 2021)

Welcome to A-Level Physics! Let me first take an opportunity to introduce myself, I’m Mr Thorne, Director of Science and Head of Physics and should you have any questions about the transition work, equipment, reading, or just have some excellent science you’d like to discuss feel free to email me at

The Physics transition tasks are outlined below and serve several purposes;

  • reinforce ideas and concepts from GCSE,
  • extended your learning taking it beyond the GCSE syllabus
  • provide a stretch and challenge to keep your mind active
  • allow us to hit the ground running when you enter the A-level course in September.

When we start the next school year we will use some of the first lessons back to consolidate the work and information you have gained during these exercises so please keep this work safe.

Mr Thorne

Physics work for Year 12 - September 2021