Co-curricular Life

We encourage all students to take part in the rich co-curricular life of the school which enables students to take on leadership roles within the House and Prefect systems, to enjoy a variety of sports, to undertake community service and to help support the development of younger pupils in the school.

Sport and Community Service

After leaving Bishop’s most students continue with sport in one form or another. That fact owes a great deal to the range of opportunities which are available to Sixth Form students at Bishop’s and our commitment to sport. We believe that taking part in a sporting activity is vital for all our students and therefore three lessons are timetabled for sporting activities on a Wednesday afternoon. Mr Demain-Griffiths, Director of Sport, will oversee the choices students will be asked to make and the expectation is that students will choose one sport for each term in both Years 12 and 13. The range of choices for Sixth Form students is impressive – rugby, football, athletics, badminton, gym, cricket, tennis, table tennis, and so on are likely to be offered. There will be something all students can become involved with. In addition, after receiving their induction from the PE Department, sixth formers can use the Fitness Suite in the mornings. We believe that the Sixth Form should set the standard for the rest of the school and naturally should be dressed appropriately for the activities being undertaken.

The Prefect & House system

Provides students in the Sixth Form with opportunities to not only contribute in a vital way to the smooth running of the School but valuable experience of leadership roles.  We hope that through the Prefect and House system students can contribute to the school community and through their service to the School will learn skills vital to their lives beyond the school gates. The House system is strong and vibrant, offering competitions (usually organised by the Sixth Form) throughout the academic year.

Working with Lower & Middle School pupils

Provides students in the Sixth Form with the opportunity to help tutors support a group of pupils in the Lower and Middle School. Students at the end of Year 12 who opt to be ‘Mentors’ will be attached to a particular tutor group and work with the tutor in supporting the academic and personal development of those tutees.

Subject mentoring and subject prefects

Sixth Form students can act as subject mentors across the age range, helping to consolidate learning and build confidence with academic work for those who are struggling with a subject. Subject prefects will also often have a role in operating subject specific clubs for younger pupils.

Clubs and Societies

There are a number of clubs and societies organised for and by Sixth Formers. We encourage students to join in and often students themselves will start a new club or society either purely for other Sixth Formers or for boys lower down in the School.


Sixth Form students have a wide range of opportunities to volunteer, both in order to strengthen their links with and contribution to the local community and also to gain useful experience to strengthen applications in the future. Examples of such community service include (for example)

  • Working on a talking newspaper for the visually impaired
  • regualr volunteering opportunities at local vaccination clinics and at salisbury Disrict Hospital
  • Working with younger pupils on numeracy and literacy skills at one of our partner schools
  • Salisbury Hospital Radio
  • Acting as guides and linguists for Salisbury Cathedral

The Politics Society

This is organised by a committee of sixth formers. They invite outside speakers into school on a regular basis, which in 2018-19 included 3 MPs, 3 MEPs, as well as several academics and campaigners. All those studying Politics A Level are expected to attend most meetings, but all other students are very welcome to do so as well.

Debating and Public Speakig

A lively Debating Society runs through most of the academic year. Audience participation is also welcomed! The Club has had considerable success in national competitions, including the Oxford, Cambridge and Mace. Students also compete in the national public speaking competitions run by the Rotary Orgnaisaiton and also the English Speaking Union. Sixth form students facilitate competitions, quizzes and challenges for others throughout the year in school.

Charity Committee

Each tutor group across the whole school will send representatives to committee meetings and the Committee will organise a number of fund-raising events each year. Money raised goes to the Committee’s chosen charities.

School Music

Sixth formers have long given up their time to take part in the rich musical life of the School, either in the Choir, the orchestra or with the A Level Singers.

School Drama

The School stages a play or musical each year and those interested in acting, technical support, stage management and music will be keen to get involved. Sixth formers are also involved in running a lower school Drama Club.


This society for Young Scientists is run by the Science Departmet with sixth formers and aims to develop students’ interest in science through regular meetings with outside speakers. Students have also in recent years set up their own Young Engineers and Young Medics groups, organising activities and inviting speakers into school.

Wordsworth Magazine Committee

This Committee oversees the production of the annual School magazine. Budding journalists are especially welcome, alongside photographers, designers, ad salesmen, etc.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and BWS Adventure

Bishop’s runs its own D of E Scheme and significant numbers of Sixth Formers enjoy success at all levels – including Gold. BWS Adventure is the pathway of adventurous outdoor activities that is offered to students across the full age range during their time at Bishop's. Many of these activities invlove input from the Sixth Form, developing leadership and other soft skills.

Other clubs and societies available to students include Art Club, Book Club, Chess Club, Christian Union/’Connect’, Language Clubs, and Public Speaking.