When do I have to apply?
Applications open on Wednesday 19th September 2023, for entry in September 2024 and close on Monday 5th February 2024 at 4pm.

What are the entry requirements?

Do you have a catchment area?
BWS has no catchment area for entry into Sixth Form but please consider carefully how the commute could affect your school day. Please see link to Admissions Policy/Annex E

If you are oversubscribed is there a waiting list in operation?
Yes, according to criteria in Annex E in the Admissions Policy if you believe any apply to you please let us know.

Is there school transport available?
No, but there may be bursary support if the situation warrants.

What happens if I don’t get the grades to do the courses I want to do?
If you have met the general entry requirements and are holding a conditional offer from us, you can choose another subject (dependent on availability).

I have chosen my subjects but I am not sure I have made the right choices. Will it be possible for me to change?
You can change subjects, subject to availability on the course and you having met the entry requirements for that subject.

I am currently doing Duke of Edinburgh’s Silver/Bronze Award, will I be able to continue with it?
We do offer Duke of Edinburgh Award at BWS. For any specific enquiries, please contact Mr Oldham (jmo@bishopwordsoworths.org.uk) to discuss your individual case.

Will I be able to play competitive sport whilst at BWS?
Yes. More information is available here:

I have special educational needs, can they be accommodated by BWS?
We support all sorts of additional educational needs. This is assessed on an individual basis so please contact sixth@bishopwordsworths.org.uk to discuss your specific requirements further.

Is pastoral care available for Sixth Formers and is it easily accessible?
Yes, we have a full-time pastoral support officer, as well as Heads of Year for Years 12 and 13. Students are assigned an individual teacher mentor.