Sixth Form Parent Guide


For illness, please either phone 01722 333851, email or fill in the absence form in Insight on the morning of absence. For absence/holiday requests please send us a letter, email or use the request for absence form in Insight.

Registration and attendance
Year 12 and Year 13 students are required to attend morning registration at 0845. This means that they need to arrive in School each morning by 08:40. On Tuesdays there is an earlier registration time of 0830 to accommodate Sixth Form Assembly. All students are also required to register on Wednesday afternoon at 1250 prior to Whole School Assembly. Regular medical, dental, optical appointments and driving lessons etc should not be scheduled during the school day.

It is vitally important that high levels of attendance are maintained throughout the year. This includes regular attendance at assemblies, enrichment sessions and mentoring meetings.

Most work will be completed on A4 paper and kept in files. Files must be well-organised at all times and there will be periodic file checks.

Independent Study
It is expected that Year 12 students should spend about 3-4 hours per subject per week in independent study - a total of 12-16 hours per week. In Year 13 students are expected to commit to 4-5 hours per subject per week. Independent study is by no means purely about completing homework. Important as it is to meet all homework deadlines and to submit work that reflects a student’s full effort and ability, at A Level students are expected to go beyond this. Students must use some of their independent study time to consolidate their class learning, learn material, review and organise their notes and files and keep up-to-date on coursework assignments. Teachers will also expect students to compete further reading where appropriate.

Study periods in School
Students are required to use their allocated study periods within School. In year 12 and 13 there will be compulsory supervised private study sessions but students may leave the School if they have no timetabled lessons or Supervised Study. All Students must register every morning regardless of their timetable

Study at Home
Students can get a lot of work done during the school day if they use their private study time sensibly. However, private study will inevitably extend outside school hours. Students must establish a work routine at home where students should expect to complete work on week days as well as at the weekend. A quiet place to work, away from distractions, is very helpful.  Access to our ICT systems from home is also available, please see the ICT Team in IT1 for more information.

Paid employment
Students must be very careful to prioritise their academic work. However the experience and skills gained from part-time employment are also recognised. Students should establish work routines before committing to paid work and must never take on too much - either Saturday or Sunday work is ample given the need to complete school work on weekday evenings. No more than 8 hours paid work per week should be undertaken.

Communication with students
All homework is set via Insight.. Students are required to check both their School email messages and Insight every day.

Consultation Evenings and Reports
Tuesday 3rd December 2019 - Year 12 consultation evening - 4-7.30pm

Year 12 reports are issued in November and July. reports will be issues via Insight only

Thursday 6th February 2020 - Year 13 consultation evening - 5-7.30pm

Year 13 reports are issued in December and March

Mock Examinations
Year 12 mock examinations - May 2020

Year 13 mock examinations - January 2020

Public examinations
A2 examinations take place in May/June 2020

Results day is Thursday 13th August 2020 – it is really important for year 13 students to be present in person to collect results and obtain any necessary advice on the day.

Your son has an academic mentor who will meet with him every three weeks. It is your son's responsibility to arrange and attend meetings. You are welcome to contact your son's mentor at any time.

Enrichment, Sport, Community Service and Clubs & Societies
All Sixth Form students are encouraged to take part in healthy sporting activity on Wednesday afternoons. There are opportunities to help in the local community, a number of enrichment options are also available and are regularly advertised to students. We host regular talks and other events and visits and a large number of outside speakers visit the School in the course of the year.

House system
Every Sixth Form student belongs to a House and there are many House competitions throughout the year.

Experience in leadership is possible in a number of ways at School but most obviously through the Prefect system.

Sixth Form students are required to wear smart business dress - a suit in dark or plain grey colour, shirts which are mainly white, grey, blue or black in colour, an appropriate school tie and conventional non-trainer footwear; if a jumper is worn it must be a plain V neck and students must wear their hair neat and tidy (no longer than collar length) in their natural colour. Earrings and similar jewellery should not be worn at any time. All boys must be clean shaven - facial hair is not permitted

There are no facilities for student parking at School and students are strongly advised not to use private vehicles to travel to and from School or between BWS and SWGS. Britford Lane and the Friary must never be used for private parking. Bike shelters are provided on site and Sixth Formers may leave bikes overnight. It is advisable they are locked securely.

Careers Advice
Mrs Armstrong is the School's independent Careers Adviser. Students can arrange an appointment by emailing her or by completing the interview request sheet in the Sixth Form Office.

Financial Support - the 16-19 Bursary
Details and an application form are sent home at the start of the academic year. Further details can be obtained at any time from either the Finance Office or the Sixth Form Office.

The Bursary Application Form is available at the bottom of this page

Other key events

  • Citizenship Day (Year 12) on Friday 25th October 2019
  • Higher Education and Careers Conference (Year 12) on Friday 14th February 2020 (this is a TD day but all Year 12 students are required to participate)

Recommended UCAS UCAS Submission Dates for Year 13 students

  • By 23rd September 2019 for Oxford and Cambridge, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Dentistry
  • By 4th November 2019 for all other applicants

The School-Student Learning Agreement

The main expectations are set out in this important document, signed by your son and also endorsed by you as parents. A copy of this Agreement can be found in the Sixth Form Handbook.

We wish all our students great success in the coming academic year.


16-19 Bursary Details