The transition between Year 11 and Year 12 is quite a smooth one, but there are things that you can do to get a head start on the A Level course. The following work needs to be undertaken in the summer with your work uploaded to the following folder by the end of August 2021 so Mr Green can assess your levels.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr Green at

Make really good use of When you access it, click on Français, then Grammar, and work through the tenses and grammar points. You should make notes on the explanations and have a go at all of the activities that follow, to get some good practice. If you can keep all of your grammar explanations in one place (a specific Grammar exercise book for example), this will become a useful resource for you throughout the A level course, and you can build on this over time.

Film Study:
Do some research into the cinema movement called La Nouvelle Vague. Find out what it was, when it appeared and who the main directors were. Try and watch a film-either Les 400 coups or A Bout De Souffle (or both!). In addition to your research notes, write a page of A4 in French on your personal reaction to the film or films. Did anything surprise you? Shock you? Make you want to watch more? In this short essay you can practise the grammar you have been working on. 

Cultural Studies:
In the A Level course, you will need to develop an interest in reading the news in French, so why not start this now? Read and make notes on what you think the story is about. If you then look on BBC News, you might find the same story in English on there, and so you can check your understanding of the French text.
Listen to some French music - find singers or groups that you like listening to. Is there a specific French music style that you enjoy? We’ll be looking at French music in Year 12, so coming in to that with some existing knowledge would be a real advantage. Expect to share what you have discovered in the first few lessons of the A Level course.

There is a great Memrise course for essay phrases:
You do not need to do the whole course, just choose chapters that will be useful to you at the moment, but there are some great phrases on there for adding authenticity and quality to your essays.