We are expecting a large number of students to join our A Level Mathematics course in September and to ensure that you all hit the ground running you must ensure that you finish the GCSE course (aiming for a Grade 8) and keep your mathematical skills and knowledge ticking along during this long break from school.
This document details the work that I would recommend you complete during the summer term and over the summer holidays.

Transition Worksheets

To ensure a smooth transition from GCSE to A level Mathematics you need to ensure that you are confident with all of the GCSE Grade 8 mathematical skills, especially the algebra ones.

We use the Edexcel examination board (owned by Pearson) for A Level Maths and the course specification can be found here:

They have produced a set of transition worksheets between GCSE and A Level maths. These will be very useful for you to work through to keep your maths skills fresh and ready to hit the ground running in September. They can be downloaded using this link which will download a zip file:

Each of the worksheets contains key points and examples for that topic, then practice questions and extension questions, followed by answers.

You should read through the examples and then complete all questions. If you have problems with the questions then you should use some of your GCSE Maths textbooks or revision guides to revisit that topic and have further practice.

You will sit a Quick Test with both of your teachers at the end of September. This will assess your learning from the first few weeks and enables us to identify weaker students who will be placed on a support programme.

A Level Mathematics Textbooks and Calculator

There are two textbooks and a calculator that are required for A Level Mathematics. You will be expected to purchase these ready for the start of you’re a level Maths course. Please do NOT start working through questions as this will impact your teaching.

The text books that you are required to have for Year 12 are:

1. Edexcel AS and A Level Mathematics: Pure Mathematics Year 1/AS published by Pearson. ISBN 9781292183398 (This covers the Pure part of the Year 12 course)

2. Edexcel AS and A Level Mathematics: Statistics and Mechanics Year 1/AS published by Pearson. ISBN 9781292232539 (This covers the Applied part of the Year 12 course).

3. Calculator - Casio Classwiz FX-991EX

Additional Mathematical materials

There is an enormous amount of background reading and online materials for the subject of mathematics. This is by no means compulsory work but if you are interested to further explore around this fascinating subject then here are some ideas:

Reading list from Cambridge University Mathematical department

YouTube videos – our most recent Year 13 mathematicians have particularly enjoyed YouTube videos posted by 3Blue1Brown. You may like to search for these and pick and choose ones to watch that are of interest.

Any questions please email me on .
Mrs Barrett
Head of Mathematics, BWS