Core Maths

Core Maths is a Level 3 qualification which continues to develop students’ mathematical skills and thinking beyond GCSE level. BWS achieved excellent results in its’ first year of running Core Maths with 18 of the 23 students achieving the top grade A.

It sits comfortably between GCSE and A Level mathematics and enables students to continue to develop their mathematical thinking to solve problems drawn from other subjects, work and real-life.

Core Maths continues to develop students’ mathematical skills and thinking post GCSE, and supports A Level courses that require mathematical skills. It focuses on using mainly familiar mathematical ideas in a range of contexts to help prepare students to be competent and confident in using maths in their studies, careers and lives.

How will it be taught and assessed?

Core Maths will be offered at BWS as an alternative to an EPQ for students who are NOT studying A Level mathematics.

It will be studied as a 1 year course in Year 12 with two double lessons per week taught by mathematics subject specialists. The lessons will have a different feel to GCSE mathematics in that they will often consider open ended problems, in a real world context.

The course is assessed via two external examinations (in May), each of 1 hour 30 minutes and of equal weighting, and the results received prior to university applications.

Why should I take it?

Core Maths focuses on using and applying maths to solve problems drawn from other subjects, work and real life. The following could help you choose Core Maths.

  • The mathematical content of the Core Maths course is very useful in supporting other A level subjects which involve statistical analysis, such as biology, geography, psychology and business.
  • Core Maths attracts up to 20 UCAS points, the same as an AS qualification, and many universities will make an offer including Core Maths with reduced A level requirements.
  • Your further education or career is likely to require critical analysis involving data and Core Maths the ability to construct a reasoned and structured argument.
  • You would like to understand more about personal finance, for example student loans, mortgages, tax and inflation.
  • Or you simply enjoyed Mathematics at GCSE and would like to continue to keep developing your mathematical skills in the sixth form.

It should be emphasised that Core Maths should NOT be considered a replacement for A Level Mathematics. Mathematics is an A Level subject that is highly regarded by both universities and employers and there are a number of A Level and Degree subjects which state that A Level Maths is required or preferable. If this is the situation for you, then A Level Mathematics should be chosen rather than Core Maths.

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