Business Studies

Business Studies covers the financial, operations, people and marketing aspects of running a business. It also looks at strategic decision making and the business environment.

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Mr A Kerr – Head of Department -

Course description:

We follow the Edexcel specification for A level Business Studies.

Business develops a broad grounding in both the internal working of a business and the external influences that act upon it. More specifically, the course aims to foster an understanding of:

  • The internal functions of business organisations of all types,
  • The dynamic external environment within which businesses operate and the effects this can have upon decision-making within a business, (iii)
  • Major topical issues that can generate change for business organisations and the ways in which businesses respond to these issues
  • The range of stakeholder perspectives that can be taken on business activities.


The course requires a wide range of skills including data interpretation and extended writing. Pupils must have attained at least Grades 5 or above in GCSE Mathematics and English.

An interest in current affairs and a constant awareness of the business world are critical to success in this subject. The pace of the course is brisk, so well-organised pupils tend to thrive.

Assessment structure:

  • Paper 1: Marketing, people and global business (35% of the A-level)
  • Paper 2: Business activities, decisions and strategy (35% of the A-level)
  • Paper 3: Investigating business in a competitive environment (30% of the A-level)

Potential careers:

The skills harnessed in this course include data interpretation, detailed analytical explanation and reasoned judgement. The varied nature of the course and assessment will equip pupils with invaluable skills for both university and work. An A level in Business would aid pupils wishing to pursue a wide range of potential careers including, but not limited to, advertising and marketing, general corporate management, finance and entrepreneurship.


We have in the past invited speakers from the Business world and the Bank of England. The department also offers ‘lunch-and-learn’ seminars where pupils can further explore key topics drawn from the business and economic environment


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