Physical Education

Welcome to Physical Education A-Level. We look forward to welcoming you on to the course and working with you over the next two years.

There are a few things we would like for you to do over the summer and they are listed below:

1. The exam board that we are using is OCR and you can find the specification here - OCR A Level Physical Education Specification H555. Have a read/scan through. It gives details of what topic areas we will look at in each unit that you study. It also provides further detail about the sports that you can use to be assessed and how you will be graded. We have selected OCR as it has an interesting variety of topic areas and the course work is oral rather than a large piece of written work which saves time and allows us to focus more on the theory and exam work.

2. You can also read more about the coursework and the practical elements of the course here - OCR AS and A Level Physical Education NEA Guide. These elements account for 30% of the overall grade and it is important that you start to work on the practical part now. You will be assessed performing or coaching in one sport of your choice. You need to make sure that your sport is on the OCR list of sports that can be used. Find your sport in this guide and then start to work on the skills, tactical knowledge and physical components that will be assessed.

3. The recommended text book that you will need to purchase is either the 2 years in 1 (large text book) - OCR A Level PE (Year 1 and Year 2): Hodder Education OR you can go for the 2 separate years books. Year 1 - OCR A Level PE Book 1: Hodder Education and Year 2 - OCR A Level PE Book 2: Hodder Education. The combined book is £40 and the two separate books are £30 each (£60).

4. We have included some research based synoptic work for you to do and have ready for your first lesson. You will have one piece of work from each of the 3 areas that you will be studying. It will really help if you have purchased the text book before you attempt some of these activities. You can find the attachments for this at the bottom of this page.

Your go to website for this course is: BrianMac Sports Coach

Probably the best website for A-Level PE as it has explanations of all of the topic areas we cover with and up-to-date articles, illustrations and examples. This will really help with the work you have been set alongside the text book.

Interesting sports books to read are:

  • Bounce, Matthew Syed (Sports Psychology & Skill Acquisition)
  • Black Box Thinking, Matthew Syed (Sports Psychology & Skill Acquisition)
  • Legacy – 15 lessons in leadership, James Kerr. (Sports Leadership)


PE - A&P Summer work