Further Mathematics

Further Maths is available as a fourth A level Choice for students in year 12 who excel in mathematics.

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Students that wish to study Further Mathematics in Year 12 will require a Grade 8 grade or higher at their GCSE 9-1 Mathematics, and we would expect a high score in their entrance exam.

Further Mathematics is useful not only for people wishing to study Mathematics at University, but also Engineers, Scientists and other mathematics related subjects. Many universities still value the AS qualification as demonstration of further mathematical study.

We expect to have around 35 students studying the Edexcel AS Further Mathematics course and these will be in 2 sets. Based on their performance, these pupils can then choose to either sit the exams in Year 12 to achieve the AS Level Further Maths qualification and drop Further Maths, or continue their studies through to Year 13 to achieve the A Level Further Maths qualification.

50% of the course is prescribed Pure Maths Content and covers some interesting areas of mathematics such as Complex Numbers and Matrices. This is taught by one teacher in two double lessons per week. We have selected Mechanics and Additional Pure as the two optional modules which are each worth 25% of the course. The applied maths teacher will teach the Mechanics content in one double per week, and the Additional Pure content will be shared between the two teachers.

Subject Information Sheet - Further Mathematics