BWS has a proud history and tradition of sporting provision, whether it is for our top performers or the beginner.


BWS has a proud history and tradition of sporting provision, whether it is for our top performers or the beginner.

Sport plays a central role in the school's aims to encourage all our pupils to develop their potential by setting themselves the highest standards of excellence and achievement with integrity and confidence. The school's broad range of sport activities provides students with a well-rounded, balanced education catering for a wide range of talents and interests and adds great enjoyment to students school life.

We are committed to providing inclusive, challenging and enriching Physical Education and sporting opportunities, which promote high standards of performance and a positive attitude towards sport and physical activity for life, to inspire and motivate all our pupils to lead happy, purposeful and responsible lives.

We strive for national recognition across a wide range of sports and compete on a local, regional and national level, with a multitude of sports available and success achieved across the board. We also encourage our students to compete outside of school in order to gain an invaluable team and social experience. This enables both BWS and the clubs to benefit from a more knowledgeable, experienced and skilled pool of talent.

Sport and physical activity provides an environment where we are able to learn most about ourselves and others. Out on the playing fields, in a cave, out in the woods or half way up a rock face we often find ourselves doing things, thinking things and surprising ourselves like never before. Physical activity and developing a physical literacy stimulates not only the body but also the mind and facilitates a making of bonds with others that are not easily broken. Here lie some of the key reasons why physical activity is central to BWS, the building of skills, the building of friendships and the building of individuals motivated and determined to go out and enrich the world in which we all live.

Sports Options for Sixth Form over the Year:-
· Rugby 1st, 2nd & 3rd XV
· Football 1st & 2nd XI
· Cricket
· Basketball
· Squash
· Fitness Suite
· Badminton
· Table Tennis
· Volunteering
· Netball
· Volleyball
· Lacrosse
· Tennis