Clubs and Societies

Clubs and Societies

There are a number of clubs and societies organised for and by Sixth Formers. We encourage students to join in and often students themselves will start a new club or society either purely for other Sixth Formers or for boys lower down in the School.

British Association of Young Scientists (BAYS) Society

What do we do? Run regular talks which cover a large breadth of topics within science
When is it on? Monthly, after school (usually 4pm)
Where do you go? Common Room, Chapel, Study Rooms
Staff Contact(s) Mr Thorne, Dr Maunder
Prefect Contact(s) Barnaby Knight, Demetra Zerva
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What do we do? Learn lots of fun pieces and perform together at a range of events, both local and within trips to various places
When is it on? Three times per week: Monday 4-5pm, Tuesday 8.30-9.15am, Wednesday 8.30-9.15am
Where do you go? BMR (Bishopgate)
Staff Contact(s) Mr Edney
Prefect Contact(s) Tabi Mason, Jonas Stringer, Jacob Spence
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Christian Union

What do we do? Meet with a group of friendly people, to play games and have a chat; no need to be a Christian
When is it on? One lunchtime per week (usually Monday)
Where do you go? Chapel
Staff Contact(s) Rev Canon Dr Wood
Prefect Contact(s) Josh Samuel, Ella Steggel
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Debating Society

What do we do? We hold weekly debates on various motions that can be both serious and light hearted
When is it on? Every Friday lunchtime
Where do you go? W3 (the room opposite the Common Room)
Staff Contact(s) Mrs Goldsack
Prefect Contact(s) Chair – Kate Clewer, Vice Chair – Josh Oxley
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Engineering Society

What do we do? A design project throughout the year (currently gliders): theory, electronic design, manufacture. We also invite engineers to speak whenever possible.
When is it on? Every Tuesday lunchtime
Where do you go? DT workshop or W10
Staff Contact(s) Mr Loughlin, Mr Bull
Prefect Contact(s) Nathan Elliott, Lachy Dow
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Geography Society

What do we do? Speakers talking in depth about topics relevant to the A-Level course; subject-related activities are also offered
When is it on? Speakers a couple of times per term
Where do you go? Common Room, Study Rooms
Staff Contact(s) Mr Toner - Mrs Jones
Prefect Contact(s) Dan Hinsley, Beth Twentyman
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History Society

What do we do? Organise talks, on topics relating to the curriculum or students’ interests, from leading academics
When is it on? Roughly once per month
Where do you go? Common Room or via Teams
Staff Contact(s) Ms Brennan, Mr Higson
Prefect Contact(s) Abi Phillimore, Jack Shepherd
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Law Society

What do we do? Bar mock trial competition, court visits, speeches from legal professionals.
When is it on? Bar mock trial at Tuesday lunch
Where do you go? Chapel or BG3-6
Staff Contact(s)  
Prefect Contact(s) Isobel Muchinenyika, Ilinca Popovici, Jess Hammond
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Mathematics Society

What do we do? Actively discuss and research areas that members have suggested. Invite speakers to talk about advanced mathematics and real-world applications
When is it on? Approximately once per term
Where do you go? Common Room, Study Rooms or via Teams
Staff Contact(s) Mr Southern
Prefect Contact(s) Chris Mattocks, George Hallett
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Medical Society

What do we do? Learn about the world of medicine and applying to medicine
When is it on? We have speakers every few months
Where do you go? Various locations - see posters and Teams
Staff Contact(s) TBC
Prefect Contact(s)

Adam Cowlam 15masc, Charlotte Sutherland 15jcs

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Philosophy Society

What do we do? Discuss the big philosophical questions including ethical problems
When is it on? First Thursday of every month
Where do you go? W13 (Upstairs in Maths Block)
Staff Contact(s) Mrs Keur
Prefect Contact(s)

Penny Bunyan, Jed McGrath, Will Harold

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Politics Society

What do we do? We host talks from a range of speakers including MPs, journalists, leading academics and lobbyists
When is it on? Thursdays after school (specific dates will be announced in advance)
Where do you go? Sixth Form Common Room
Staff Contact(s) Mrs Anders
Prefect Contact(s)

Chair – Jess Hammond, Vice Chair – Josh Oxley

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Charity Committee

Each tutor group across the whole school will send representatives to committee meetings and the Committee will organise a number of fund-raising events each year. Money raised goes to the Committee’s chosen charities.

School Music

Sixth formers have long given up their time to take part in the rich musical life of the School, either in the Choir, the orchestra or with the A Level Singers.

School Drama

The School stages a play or musical each year and those interested in acting, technical support, stage management and music will be keen to get involved. Sixth formers are also involved in running a lower school Drama Club.

Wordsworth Magazine Committee

This Committee oversees the production of the annual School magazine. Budding journalists are especially welcome, alongside photographers, designers, ad salesmen, etc.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

Bishop’s runs its own D of E Scheme and significant numbers of Sixth Formers enjoy success at all levels – including Gold.