Course Summary for French Linear A level

Exam Board: AQA

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Students will work on the same four key skills of writing, speaking, listening and reading as they did with GCSE, but there will also be a greater emphasis on essay-writing, translation and writing summaries.

As well as covering a variety of cultural topics relating to France and other French-speaking countries, students will need to read a French novel, watch a French film, and talk about both analytically.

Text books/media which may be used in class (You may buy your own for reference or revision if required):

  • AQA A level French (includes AS) Published by Hodder Education
  • Set Text Book L’étranger by Albert Camus
  • Set Film La Haine

We have a wide range of other resources for research /skills practice-feel free to ask, browse and borrow.

There will be a regular weekly conversation session with a native assistant and with volunteer year 13 students.

Work will be set to be done outside lessons time and for supervised private study sessions.

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