Why Support BWS?

The pursuit of excellence

Bishop’s is a place where excellence is a built-in feature rather than a bolt-on extra. Very strong academic outcomes every year build confidence in our students; the desire to do well both inside and outside lessons is infectious, spreading down through the year groups from the inspirational young men and women of the BWS Sixth Form. Excellence is present in all areas though, from the sports field to the stage, and from the Choir to the science lab. Our teachers encourage the students to do more, to extend their horizons beyond what they thought was possible. The search for excellence permeates every part of school.

The creation of opportunity

The unique environment in which the school operates, and the extraordinary group of young people that come to school in the Cathedral Close each day enables us to create opportunities for learning and growing that simply cannot exist elsewhere. Bishop’s boys and girls are academically able, comfortable with the energy, pace and pressure that are a part of everyday life here. Because they are at ease with their academics, they are able to do all sorts of other things too – in sport, in music, in drama, and creative arts. The opportunity to branch out, to push on and to try new things is the rule rather than the exception which makes this a special place to learn.


When boys join Bishop’s in Year 7, one of the first events that they and their parents experience is a ‘House Supper’, where they have a welcome service in Chapel, a meal in the Dining Hall and then they hear from a group of prefects. There is no-one better equipped to give a picture of what aspiration means here – almost all of our Sixth Form join competitive universities in the UK and overseas – it’s a compelling image for boys and parents who are just starting their journey with us. Aspiration is a part of life here, flowing from the academic outcomes, the sporting prowess of the boys and girls, the willingness to get stuck in and take risks or the inspiring leadership of the senior for students across the full age range.

We say, with justification, that Bishop’s is a special school in a special place. In fact, this school is unique – there is no other maintained secondary school in a cathedral close in the country. We have a unique role in Salisbury and the region, giving the chance for young people to realise their career ambitions and enjoy their school years in a place that is unforgettable.

The support of Bishop’s wider community of former pupils, parents, staff and friends has been key in the development of the school throughout its history, from the original school buildings in 1890 through to our plans for an all-weather pitch in 2022.  We are continually improving our facilities and expanding our Bursary fund to ensure we continue to offer a rich and rewarding educational experience for as many pupils as possible.

To find out how you can support our work and ensure that future generations can make the most of what we can offer, please contact Caroline Popham, Head of Development and Alumni.

E:  cep@bishopwordsworths.org.uk

T:  01722 333851