WisePay Portal

WisePay is our secure portal to make payments to the Finance Department for trips, courses and cashless catering top-ups.

How do I access WisePay Finance Portal as a parent?

If you are using Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers, WisePay is accessed via Insight Single Sign-On.

NB: If you are using Safari browser on Apple Mac's and iPhones/iPads Single Sign-On is not supported with WisePay. Please click on the following link to gain direct access to Wisepay:- https://www.wisepay.co.uk/store/generic/template.asp?ACT=nav&mID=310816

I open WisePay in Insight but all I get is a blank screen

WisePay needs pop-up's enabled to be able to work properly.  If you open WisePay and get a blank page please click on the following options to enable pop-ups in Google Chrome


I am an external customer who doesn't have an Insight Login

If you are wanting to pay for external courses (eg Evening Classes), please use the direct link to WisePay here:- https://www.wisepay.co.uk/store/generic/template.asp?ACT=nav&mID=312574

I work at BWS and I want my lunch...

BWS Staff, please use the direct link to WisePay here:- https://www.wisepay.co.uk/store/generic/template.asp?ACT=nav&mID=310816

Wisepay User Guide: Click here

How do I install Wisepay on my phone or tablet?

Please ensure your WisePay account is working via Insight before downloading the app

Step 1: Download the App

Download from either the App Store or Google Play by searching for "WisePay app"

Step 2: Setup a username and password

Please click here and follow the instructions to setup a password.  Please use the same email address we have registered with the Insight portal

Step 3: Organisation Code

Once your account has been activated in Step 2 you will need to enter our schools Organisation Code into your app on your mobile device. Our Organisation Code is:-


Step 4: Login

Login using your email address and password verified in Step 2

For further information on setting up and using the Wisepay app please click here